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Title: After Augustus of the "Prima Porta" Bust

Artist: N/A

Italian Marble Bust, third quarter 19th century, after the antique, Augustus of the "Prima Porta".

Title: Agawam

Artist: Eric Standley

Title: Alabaster Bust of a Maiden

Artist: Giuseppe Bessi

After Giuseppe Bessi (Italian, 1857-1922) Alabaster Bust of a Maiden, the half-length bust modeled with arms crossed, inscribed signature, ht. 19 1/2; set atop a white veined dark green columnar pedestal with octagonal foot, ht. 43 3/4 in. Angular cracks through her forehead and through her nose and mouth; pedestal with several chips to top edge and along base.

Title: Amphora Bust

Artist: Ernst Wahliss

Amphora bust of a lady, Austria, c.1900; Partially obscured blue Turn Wien mark; 16 1/2" x 12" x 6 1/2"

Title: Anxiety

Artist: Monomoka

Title: Aux Trois Tetes

Artist: Aristide Colotte

Title: Bird Turtle

Artist: Enrique Gomez de Molina

Title: Birdbath

Artist: John Comunale

Title: Blob Bowl

Artist: Esque

Title: Blue Bottle

Artist: Ben Edels & Kathy Elliot

Title: Blue Brazilian Icon Wall Hanging

Artist: Brazilian Religious Artifact

Title: Body Mask

Artist: N/A

African - Tanzania

Title: Bolido V

Artist: Bez Batti

Title: Boll Buggy Black

Artist: Jeremy Thomas

The polychromed structures of Thomas’ work suggest mutable origin and material, the metal seemingly crushed or formed from other recognisable objects at various viewpoints — the uncoated and corroding steel bursting from its gleaming, chrome body. Inspired by the form of the cotton boll, a seed pod from which the fibre is harvested, Thomas slowly opens a bridge between agriculture, vegetable, and industrial mechanism — exploring the dark history and mechanical strain of the plant (notoriously one of the most resource-dependent crops, a problem classically solved by throwing slavery at the equation) versus its beauty and versatility.

Title: Bottle

Artist: Clifford Rainey

Title: Bowtie

Artist: John Comunale

Title: Brazilian Nun Sculpture

Artist: Brazilian Religious Artifact

Title: Bronze sculpture

Artist: Bernard Brenner

Title: Brush Works

Artist: Zouzous Collection