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Title: Towers

Artist: Michael Marras

Title: Travestito

Artist: Adelaide Paul

Provenance: Pacini Lubel Gallery, Seattle, Washington

Title: Tripod

Artist: Dominic Falcione

Title: Tye Orange

Artist: Jeremy Thomas

Title: Untitled

Artist: Eugene Gauss

Title: Untitled

Artist: Richard Deacon

Title: Untitled

Artist: Al Farrow

Title: Untitled

Artist: Bruno Bruni

Bruno Bruni is deeply rooted in the sensual physical world of Italian classical painting and further molded by his Italian/Germanic heritage. Many of his paintings and sculptures feature erotic female forms, and this piece is no exception. It is cast bronze with a marble base.

Title: Untitled No. 13

Artist: Roxy Paine

Title: Untitled No. 18

Artist: Roxy Paine

Title: Venus

Artist: N/A

Continental School, 19th Century White Marble Sculpture of Venus, the scantily clad nude holding a piece of fruit in one hand and supporting her cloth with the other, ht. 37, with a cylindrical alabaster pedestal with black veining, ht. 34 1/4 in. Small finger missing on hand holding fruit. Age typcial abrasions and wear throughout. Pedestal is alabaster.

Title: Vessel

Artist: Luminaire

Title: Washington Square Park Plate

Artist: Kaas Sculptureworks

Title: Wasp

Artist: Michael Mangiafico

Title: Well I Think He's Done a Cracking Job

Artist: Barnaby Barford

British ceramicist Barnaby Barford has been reassigning values to cheap, unwanted crockery or mass-produced porcelain figurines since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2002 — slicing, painting and rearranging these objects to create new narrative frameworks, and all underpinned with a dark sense of humour that usually finds itself unlocked in the works titling. ‘Well I Think He’s Done A Cracking Job’ is of a series of works from 2008 employing mirrors and a single centred female form repainted in enamel, her head transplanted to that of a white poodle as she poses and “examines” the surreal transformation. 2006 unique; porcelain, enamel paint, bone china, mirrored glass From AN IMPORTANT NEW YORK INTERIOR DESIGNED BY FRANCIS SULTANA

Title: Woman in Lace

Artist: Eugène-Antoine Aizelin

Title: Woven Sculpture

Artist: Yamanaka Kazuko

Title: Woven Sculpture

Artist: Yamanaka Kazuko

Title: Woven Sculpture

Artist: Yamanaka Kazuko

Title: Yu Hyean Jeong

Artist: Seung Mo Park