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Title: Bust of George II - Rosso Antico

Artist: Wedgwood

Rosso Antico Bust of George II, England, non-period and non-factory, the bust mounted atop a tapering square plinth, impressed spurious Wedgwood marks, ht. 8 in. Literature: Ars Ceramica, number 11, 1994. Provenance: Property of the Saint Louis Art Museum, Sold to benefit the acquisition fund.

Title: Carved Vessel

Artist: M Hill

Title: Chipmunk on tree

Artist: John Funk

Title: Christmas Tree

Artist: Michael Marras

Title: Clay Snake

Artist: India

Title: Coccyx

Artist: Kiki Smith

Title: Cocoon

Artist: Steve Tobin

Title: Coffee Table

Artist: Silas Seandel

Title: Colima Effigy Vessel

Artist: N/A

Colima effigy vessel, Mexico, 200 BC-AD 200. Ceremonial terra cotta in the form of a bound prisoner. Intact with no restoration.

Title: Companion

Artist: Allison Sommers

Title: Cornucopia

Artist: Marc Ricourt

Title: Cotula

Artist: Louise Hibbert

Title: Counting

Artist: Clifford Rainey

Title: Cross

Artist: N/A

Title: Dagra Phallic Shrine idol

Artist: Burkino Faso

Carved wooden phallus with evidence of ritual use, mid- to late 20th c. On custom metal display stand.

Title: Deer

Artist: N/A

Mexican - Colima

Title: Dharma Ball

Artist: Chris Berti

Title: Dragonfly

Artist: Michael Mangiafico

Title: Dunkleosteous

Artist: Michael Marras

Title: Elaborate Bird Skull

Artist: Joslin Liron

Title: Feeling Lucky

Artist: Dixie Biggs

The intricate, delicately tuned detail mapped across the surface of Dixie Biggs' pots explore the shape and form of interlocking and natural patterns. Biggs’ careful method of woodturning carves out and unlocks the form from large, rough wooden logs. “Feeling Lucky”s surface is formed from a dense cluster of clover leaves, and the interplay of texture, light and shadow in the carving creates a particularly sharp dynamic wherein the pot half-appears to be ‘consumed’ by growth, heightening the sculptural affectation of the functional vessel.