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Title: Parochial

Artist: Polly Burnell

Title: Party Supplies

Artist: Sean Norvet

Title: Peter

Artist: Charles Bierk

Bierk’s hyper-realistic figurative painting brings to life the smallest detail, every hair and follicle transferred from model to canvas as the artist seeks the elemental essence and very materiality of his subject at an extraordinary scope. His system of gridding as a way to break up and examine sections of the face, as well as the overall scale of the works, recall and extend the practice of Chuck Close — as well as the landscape work of his father David Bierk — and offer a fantastic spectrum of reality based on proximity, sheer photorealism at a distance marred and adjusted by small imperfections and abstractions in the paintwork on a closer view.

Title: Photogravure

Artist: Curtis Anderson

from DER 7. GRAD

Title: Please Explain

Artist: John Conrad Berkey

Please Explain Issac Asimov

Title: Polio for Prada

Artist: Peregrine Honig

Title: Portrait of Lithuanian Women

Artist: Laima Orzekaushkiene

Title: Potassium

Artist: Bradshaw

Title: Prozac

Artist: Laurie Hogin

Title: Push Me Pull Me

Artist: Jim Woodring

Title: Queen Mab

Artist: Gina Litherland

Title: Red Mold

Artist: Hyungsub Shin

Title: Red Monster

Artist: Jeff Lamm

Title: Reindeer Voluptuary

Artist: Victoria Reynolds

Reynolds precise renderings of muscle and flayed meat are grotesque, but the delicacy and detailed structure urge a close — often forensic — inspection. ‘Reindeer Voluptuary’ presents an artefact of her time in Sweden from 1999-2002, having been invited to spectate and document the slaughter of reindeer by the indigenous Sami — the only people allowed to herd and breed the animal within the country — and invoke the tragedy and beauty of the process. The use of oil and a particularly soft palette of pinks, reds and whites gives the gore an unsettling but purveying sensuality. Reynolds is influenced by ‘divine’ sacrifices common in Baroque or Dutch masters, often conjured through the use of flesh or animal in still life.

Title: Retrato

Artist: Tomas Esson

Title: Ricky Misses Ohio

Artist: Victoria Carlson

Title: Root

Artist: Brian Borrello

Title: Sagittarius

Artist: Billie Waters

Title: Sans Titre

Artist: Mirka Lugosi

Title: Santo Nino Ciguecito

Artist: Antonio Alvarez Moran

Title: Scream

Artist: Polly Burnell

Title: Self Portrait

Artist: Tom Seachrist

Title: Self Portrait

Artist: Ian Ingram

Ingram’s self-portraits chronicle moments or cycles of change in the artists life, the artist working from his bathroom mirror to meticulously and fantastically detail himself at that moment at large scale. Utilising charcoal, Ingram captures fleeting contours and subtleties of the face in a translucent, dreamlike manner — often combining the result with watercolour, oil, or resourceful collage for a remarkable contrast of tone.

Title: Self-Portrait

Artist: Vanessa Prager

Title: Seres de Ulratumba

Artist: Sandra Vazquez de la Horra

Creatures of the Afterlife