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Title: Spear

Artist: N/A

Title: Spear

Artist: N/A

Title: Squirting Cane

Artist: N/A

Erotic, Squirting cane, silver-plate handle and release mechanism, rubber bladder, painted wood shaft, brass ferrule, steel tip, lacking collar, handle: 2 3/4"w x 1 1/8" d x 4 1/2"h; overall 39 1/4"h

Title: Steam Engine - American Salesman's Sample

Artist: N/A

Model features several levers and a pull chain which articulates the wheels and mechanical elements.

Title: Sword

Artist: N/A

Title: Tree Man Large

Artist: Parastone

Parastone, a renown European collectible figurine manufacturer, has masterfully brought to life this legendary iconic painting of the Tree Man by late Medieval / early Renaissance artist Hieronymus Bosch, as an intricate 3D statue adaptation in the greatest detail.

Title: USS Akron Airship Plans

Artist: Karl Arnstein

Title: Wax Intaglios

Artist: N/A

Two Framed Groups of Wax Intaglios, 19th century, each depicting various classical profiles, busts, and figures, with hand-scripted reference number, in later shadow box frame with ribbon mount on top (both detached but included in lot

Title: Wedding Day Pocket Watch

Artist: Fleurier

Painted face depicting erotic scene between bride and groom, Arabic numbers, wound and set by lever, man has erotic animation that is automatic after winding 2" diameter, stamped on works, "fef".

Title: White and Black Off World Creature

Artist: Michael Lau

One of the four figures, each sculpture has a unique color scheme and features a different head underneath the alien head. The figures were co-produced by Prodip.

Title: White Dunny Hate

Artist: Frank Kozik

Title: White Labbit

Artist: Frank Kozik

Title: White Nude Ring

Artist: N/A

Size: 10.75

Title: Woman Bending Over Squirting Cane

Artist: Christopher Walker

Erotic, Squirting cane (bent over woman), silver-plate handle, silver collar, rosewood shaft, nickel ferrule/tip, collar with hallmarks for Christopher Walker, Chester, 1909, 1 7/8"dia x 2 3/8"h; 34 3/4"h overall