Pedro Friedeberg

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Title: Homenaje a Mathias

Artist: Pedro Friedeberg

Title: Laberintos

Artist: Pedro Friedeberg

Title: Manos

Artist: Pedro Friedeberg

Print #89 of the edition of 100. Cream wove paper. The full sheet. Fine impression. Fine condition. Provenance: Taller Jesusa, Mexico City, Mexico. In addition to Friedeberg, the Jesusa atelier has edited and published works by Tamayo, Goeritz, Felguerez, and Arturo Rivera, among others. He was not raised Jewish but rather atheist. Once a servant took him in secret to a church to be baptized. He says because of this and other experiences, he has seven religions, one for each day of the week. Friedeberg consults the I-Ching everyday and has a collection of saints. His biography on the Internet includes a passage that reads “I get up at the crack of noon and, after watering my pirañas, I breakfast off things Corinthian. Later in the day I partake in an Ionic lunch followed by a Doric nap. On Tuesdays I sketch a volute or two, and perhaps a pediment, if the mood overtakes me. Wednesday I have set aside for anti-meditation. On Thursdays I usually relax whereas on Friday I write autobiographies." He says that the world lacks eccentrics today because people have returned to being sheep through the consumer culture and television, which wants us all to be the same.