Paul Chaleff

Paul Chaleff has been exhibiting his artwork since 1966. Previously known for his colossal pottery forms and as one of the pioneers of wood firing in America, Paul has been working exclusively with sculpture and tablets for the past fifteen years. Paul’s work can be found in the collections of many major museums in the US and abroad including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Paul maintains his studio in Ancram, NY and has been exhibited widely throughout the US and abroad.
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Title: Large Wood Fired Vessel

Artist: Paul Chaleff

This vessel reflects the elemental understanding of Chaleff’s mode of ceramic production, a structure roughly hewn and exhibiting the scars of its firing as imperative to the design and decoration. The distinct ash-glaze residue has been developed through a Japanese process of anagama wood-firing which the artist has championed and helped to revive in America over his career after studying in Japan across the 1970-80s, slowly increasing the scale and length of time under which the clay is fired to present remarkable combinations of surface detail.