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Title: Egg Monster Bird Creature Statue

Artist: Parastone

The statue is adapted after Hieronymus Bosch's little egg monster into three-dimensional form. He peers through the crack in the egg with lifelike realism.

Title: Freak with Beard

Artist: Parastone

This sculpture adaptation replica, Freak with Beard Tail and Tacks Statue, from Bosch's Last Judgement painting appears in the middle panel of the triptych. It shows a rillo with beard, a freak with merely a head and legs. Bosch has extended his interpretation of a rillo by adding the tail of a reptile. He looks with a frightened expression at the mincer, where sinners are put through on Judgement Day. It is an astounding creation in 3D of Bosch's 2D figure from the Northern Renaissance.

Title: Tree Man Large

Artist: Parastone

Parastone, a renown European collectible figurine manufacturer, has masterfully brought to life this legendary iconic painting of the Tree Man by late Medieval / early Renaissance artist Hieronymus Bosch, as an intricate 3D statue adaptation in the greatest detail.