Ling Chun

Ling Chun earned her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The focus of her study was visual communication design and ceramics. She has been engrossed with the relationship between authentic American Chinese foods and making art to explore how the interplay affect her life as a Chinese in the States. She followed her passion and began a year-long artist residency at Seward Park Clay Studio in Seattle, WA and then became a program instructor at Starlit Art Space, Hong Kong. Finally, her passions in ceramics art brought her to the MFA program at Rhode Island School of Design.
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Title: Moving Landscape

Artist: Ling Chun

“Moving Landscape”s collapsing of colour and form is a lively defamation of how space and representation convey intent, the minds restless search for orientation finding a slippery language of land in the twisted surface of Chun’s object. The title acts as a key to unlocking unseen imagery in the kaleidoscope of glaze and iridescent luster, and an elemental order nested in the format of the clay remains even when it is stretched, distorted and covered far beyond its original means.