Geza Szollosi

Géza Szöllősi is a skilled multi-disciplinary artist working in a wide variety of mediums including taxidermy, flesh, photos... His work has been exhibited alongside artists such as Chapmans', Koons, Wikin in the Decadence Now! organised by Rudolfinum, Prague. Szollosi's method, or its use, however, is closer to the scientific experiments of Dr. Frankenstein. In his cycle Flesh Project, Szöllősi created female torsos by aligning the flesh and skin of animals. The rough stiches refer back to the autopsy table. Flash Project thus attains a more than macabre character, as it makes direct allusion to the phenomenon of necrophilia. The motif of a man-made creature whose primary role is to fullfil the function of a sexual object appeared throughout the 20th century. There is the notorious instance of Oskar Kokoschka, who for sometime after his separation from Alma Mahler lived in the company of an artificial doll designed to remind him of and to replace his ex-lover. Equally notorious are Hans Bellmer’s Poupees, which in turn caused many other artists to gravitate towards the subject. Most frequently mentioned in this context is the American artist Cindy Sherman, in particular her cycle Sex Pictures (1992).In this cycle the artist herself completely vanishes from her images, instead working exclusively with artificial mutant torsos of human forms.
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Title: Hungarian

Artist: Geza Szollosi

Hungarian artist Geza Szollosi has focused his career on creating a form of modern body shock, utilising flesh and biologically-derived materials to explore a form of Freudian death drive through arresting visual art. “Hungarian 2” is of a series of works created through taxidermy, perverting the origins of the technique to create a mutation of the animal’s original form, the hide of the animals head inflated and stretched into a near-perfect spherical shape as a weird, unsettling proxy — retaining the recognisable features of the cow whilst rejectably unlike any natural or organic image. Through this, the boundary at which the identity is irreversibly altered or killed becomes stretched too.