Frances Lambe

Lambe is a graduate of the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She taught Art at Secondary School for several years. She began making ceramic sculpture in 1993 in a studio at her home. She became a founder member of Bridge Street Studios and worked there from 1996 until 2009. She now works in a studio at her home at Allardstown, Knockbridge in County Louth, Ireland.
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Title: Raised Oval Song

Artist: Frances Lambe

Lambe’s harmonic combination of natural and sculptural provides her ceramic a gentle abstraction — the texture and dynamics of ‘Raised Oval Song’ relatable to the odder persuasions of oceanography or animal evolution, and tussling with a state of real versus unreal. The off-white ceramic skin of the pebble-like shape is rendered with a multitude of corralled extrusions and pin-prick whorls, the surfaced smooth and rolled as though picked from a shore.

Title: Undulating Void

Artist: Frances Lambe

Lambe grapples with notions of interior and exterior force in ‘Undulating Void’, the ceramic body simultaneously projecting a positive form and the suggestion of negative space. This interplay develops from the artists research into biological, oceanographic and astronomic matters; directing towards a tautology of form heralded in those natural designs, and relationships between land and sea.