Ernesto Tamariz

Tamariz was a 20th-century Mexican sculptor specialized in public monuments, religious statues and funerary art. His most famous work is "Altar to the Fatherland" (Altar a la patria), a memorial to the Mexican cadets killed during the Battle of Chapultepec (Niños Héroes). He also sculpted the statue of St Pio of Pietrelcina and John Paul II at the old Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the new central altar of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City, the tomb of Alfonso Reyes at the Rotunda of Illustrious People and the tomb of Ignacio Zaragoza, among others.
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Title: Grasshopper

Artist: Ernesto Tamariz

Sculptor specialising in monumental and public works of art, particularly across his native Mexico. This piece’s subtle rendering of the grasshopper in bronze has an angular, mechanised undercurrent that seems the result of a material and figural connection forged by the artist. mpressed signature and date to base: [E Tamariz Mexico 1956]. The artist Ernesto Tamariz was an important sculptor of iconic monuments in Mexico City. His work profoundly influenced me as a child. - David Cruz