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Title: Molecule 4
Artist: Mario Martinez (Mars-1)
Huichol Beaded Molecule
Title: Mounted Pink Butterflies
Artist: Christopher Marley
Title: Nanosys
Artist: Stan Dann
Sculpture "Nanosys #3," Nanosys Series, Lafayette, CA, 2003; Carved, sculpted, and Polychromed wood; Signed, titled, and dated; 64" x 28" x 2 1/4
Title: Nepali Stupa
Artist: Rajendra Tripathi
Title: Nude Torso III
Artist: Pedro Coronel
Title: Numinous Levitation
Artist: Tom Eckert
Title: Orgy Phallus
Artist: Unknown
Erotic, Orgy phallus, carved mammoth ivory, ivory inlaid walnut, ivory: 2 7/8"w x 2 3/4"d x 8 3/4"h; with base, 5 1/4"dia x 13"h.
Title: Os Candangos
Artist: Bruno Giorgi
Title: Our Lady of Guadeloupe Statue
Artist: Brazilian Religious Artifact
Title: Oval Mister Wink - Peter Norton Christmas Project
Artist: Takashi Murakami
Takashi Murakami (Japanese, b. 1963) Mister Wink, Cosmos Ball, 2000; Polychrome plastic with mini CD-Rom with music by Zakyumiko; Stamped signature from edition of 3000; 10 1/4" high; Publisher: Peter Norton Family Christmas Project
Title: Patterned Gazelle
Artist: Unknown
Title: Popular Exotiques
Artist: Jack Vanarsky
Mechanical book
Title: Portal
Artist: Sam Spiczka
Spiczka’s tenable use of bone structure, actually pressed into hyper-realist form from layers of sheet steel, finds the natural in conflict with the industrial. ‘Portal’ might arguably reflect rural technology, but the sheer strangeness and slippage between organic, mechanic and iconic gives the piece a more instinctually alien impression, the symmetrical shape (clearly mirroring the pelvis) and wirelike hanging fronds seemingly sourced from science-fiction.
Title: Portrait
Artist: Shen Hongbiao
Shen Hongbiao’s sculpture explores a teasing contrast of form — dense material such as steel, bronze or stone shaping softer, fluid interpretations of body and movement in an expressive and resolved style. “Portrait” depicts a Mongolian man, a culture frequently and emphatically returned to by Hongbiao, and holds a sense of peace that implies the artist’s interest in environmental tranquility. A subtle Accentuation of symmetry brings the piece between image and icon, the flairs and accents expressive of Hongbiao’s favour for the cultures of the Han & Wei Dynasties, where Eastern modes of practice were opened up to a new artistic freedom.
Title: Praying Mantis
Artist: Unknown
Title: Pre-Columbian Pottery Figural Vessel
Artist: Unknown
A Pre-Columbian Pottery Figural Vessel likely Colima, depicting a seated male figure with headdress.
Title: Primitive Phallus
Artist: Unknown
Title: Pulling the Will
Artist: Thomas Kuntz
Title: Pyramid
Artist: John Comunale
Title: Red Brazilian Icon Wall Hanging
Artist: Brazilian Religious Artifact
Title: Relic V
Artist: Sam Spiczka
Spiczka’s ‘Relic’ is derived from dual childhood experiences; the discovery, capture of and occasional matchbox-marvelling at a bleached, jewel-like skeleton from a boar in Minnesota, and the wild young imaginings of crusted religious relics — fingers, skulls, bodily appendages — often rumoured to be sat rotting within his attended school church. Interrogating that disconnection between experience and imagination, ‘Relic V’ ghosts the loaded and significant form of the crucifix and the skeletal structure of man, an impression of bone or wood afforded through the delicate pressing, welding, and oxidation of steel sheets. The celebration of harmonic structure, abstract symbolism, an instrument-like form and balance is met with a far messier reality of pain, suffering and death.
Title: Remember The Giver Phallus
Artist: Unknown
Title: Ring of Dragons
Artist: Unknown
Title: Robot
Artist: Clayton Bailey
Title: Root Maquet
Artist: Steve Tobin
Title: S/he
Artist: Amy Lipshie
Title: Scissors
Artist: John Comunale
Title: Scorpion
Artist: Michael Mangiafico
Title: Screw
Artist: Rick Beck
Title: Sculpture Formed like Mold
Artist: Hyungsub Shin