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Title: Elaborate Bird Skull
Artist: Joslin Liron
Title: Eliza's Dark Little Question Light
Artist: Jordan Mozer
Named for the artist's curious first child, designed as part of the interior of the Herzblut St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany.
Title: Erotic Ring
Artist: Eric de Kolb
Size: 6.75
Title: Feeling Lucky
Artist: Dixie Biggs
The intricate, delicately tuned detail mapped across the surface of Dixie Biggs' pots explore the shape and form of interlocking and natural patterns. Biggs’ careful method of woodturning carves out and unlocks the form from large, rough wooden logs. “Feeling Lucky”s surface is formed from a dense cluster of clover leaves, and the interplay of texture, light and shadow in the carving creates a particularly sharp dynamic wherein the pot half-appears to be ‘consumed’ by growth, heightening the sculptural affectation of the functional vessel.
Title: Feet of Skeleton
Artist: Kaas Sculptureworks
Title: Female Bust
Artist: Italian
Title: Fender Champ - Assholes
Artist: Kaz Oshiro
Acrylic bondo on stretched canvas over wood (box)
Title: Fertility Object
Artist: Unknown
Mexican fertility object in bronze. Two pieces
Title: Flathead
Artist: Chris Berti
Title: Fluid Dynamic
Artist: Richard Sweeney
Title: Fly
Artist: De Vera
Title: Fly
Artist: De Vera
Title: Fly
Artist: De Vera
Title: Fly with Lid
Artist: Unknown
Title: Future Mutation
Artist: Luke Jerram
Title: Give or Take - How Do You Feel This Morning
Artist: Louise Bourgeois
Title: Glass Bud Vase
Artist: Murano
Title: Glass Slump Vase
Artist: Massimo Micheluzzi
Title: Glass Vase
Artist: Ruba Rombic
Title: Glass Vase with Copper Overlay
Artist: Unknown