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Title: Christmas Tree
Artist: Michael Marras
Title: Citipati Relief Panel
Artist: Unknown
Title: Coccyx
Artist: Kiki Smith
Title: Cocoon
Artist: Steve Tobin
Title: Coffee Table
Artist: Silas Seandel
Title: Companion
Artist: Allison Sommers
Title: Contemporary Buddha
Artist: Unknown
Title: Copper Flower Vase
Artist: Unknown
Title: Cornucopia
Artist: Marc Ricourt
Title: Cotula
Artist: Louise Hibbert
Title: Counting
Artist: Clifford Rainey
Title: Crab
Artist: Unknown
Title: Dard Hunter Vase
Artist: Roycroft
Roycroft items began being produced in the late 19th-century in East Aurora, NY, the workshop and community forming around the entrepreneurial spirit of Elbert Hubbard, his theories around artistic upheaval and a gradual societal unshackling from boundaries imposed in the Victorian era having pushed him to invest in and establish an assortment of manufacturing space for craft works. Of the various forms of production that took place — printing, furniture making, leather working — the results of the metal workshop, with hammered copper in particular, have become highly sought after for their charm and cultivated beauty, the design and fabrication ushering in a stripped back and cleaner approach to form, part-influenced by various member’s exposure to European Secessionist and proto-Modernist movement.
Title: Dark Purple Crown Chair
Artist: Hsin-Yi Huang
Title: Decision Making
Artist: Hsin-Yi Huang
Title: Devil with Angel Open Face Pocket
Artist: Phenix
Title: Dexter Lamp
Artist: Cindy Wynn
Dexter lamp and Tank table with custom shade by Todd Cameron, Key West, FL, 2016; Reclaimed industrial parts and tools, welded and patinated steel, blown glass; Both signed and dated; Lamp: 31" x 14", pedestal: 37" x 11 1/2"; Provenance: The artist Excellent condition. Heavy and well-made
Title: Dharma Ball
Artist: Chris Berti
Title: Dragonfly
Artist: Michael Mangiafico
Title: Dunkleosteous
Artist: Michael Marras