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Title: Bust of George II - Rosso Antico
Artist: Wedgwood
Rosso Antico Bust of George II, England, non-period and non-factory, the bust mounted atop a tapering square plinth, impressed spurious Wedgwood marks, ht. 8 in. Literature: Ars Ceramica, number 11, 1994. Provenance: Property of the Saint Louis Art Museum, Sold to benefit the acquisition fund.
Title: Bust of Marie Antionete
Artist: Unknown
Title: Carved Vessel
Artist: M Hill
Title: Chinese Primitive
Artist: Unknown
Title: Chipmunk on tree
Artist: John Funk
Title: Christmas Tree
Artist: Michael Marras
Title: Citipati Relief Panel
Artist: Unknown
Title: Clay Snake
Artist: India
Title: Coccyx
Artist: Kiki Smith
Title: Cocoon
Artist: Steve Tobin
Title: Coffee Table
Artist: Silas Seandel
Title: Colima Effigy Vessel
Artist: Unknown
Colima effigy vessel, Mexico, 200 BC-AD 200. Ceremonial terra cotta in the form of a bound prisoner. Intact with no restoration.
Title: Companion
Artist: Allison Sommers
Title: Contemporary Buddha
Artist: Unknown
Title: Corn Diptych
Artist: Unknown
Japanese, fruit / vegetable carved erotic diptych, carved ivory, polychrome additions, largest: 3 3/4"w x 1 1/8"d x 1 1/8"h.
Title: Cornucopia
Artist: Marc Ricourt
Title: Cotula
Artist: Louise Hibbert
Title: Counting
Artist: Clifford Rainey
Title: Cross
Artist: Unknown
Title: Dagra Phallic Shrine idol
Artist: Burkino Faso
Carved wooden phallus with evidence of ritual use, mid- to late 20th c. On custom metal display stand.
Title: David Mask
Artist: Unknown
Title: Dayak Pig Mask
Artist: Unknown
Title: Deer
Artist: Unknown
Mexican - Colima
Title: Deformed Face Mask
Artist: Mexican
Title: Dharma Ball
Artist: Chris Berti
Title: Dragon Phallus
Artist: Unknown
Title: Dragonfly
Artist: Michael Mangiafico
Title: Dunkleosteous
Artist: Michael Marras
Title: Egyptian Vase
Artist: Unknown
Title: Elaborate Bird Skull
Artist: Joslin Liron