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Title: Vase Drabware
Artist: Wedgwood
Two drabware items from Wedgwood across the early 19th century. Each of these pieces speaks of a resolvedly classical influence as Wedgwood looked to the storied “etruscan” vessels fashionable in private collections for pattern & design. The drabware vase & candlestick are particularly rare examples, the ware only sparingly utilised by the company before being dropped at around 1860 — and now highly sought after for its uniquely earthy and neutral tone, produced through the use of Cornish clay with flint and nickel and made popular again by a contemporary revival from 1970 onward. Here the duo is delicately decorated with applied relief in lilac acanthus and white bellflowers. Provenance: Property of the Saint Louis Art Museum, Sold to benefit the acquisition fund.
Title: Vegetable Diptych
Artist: Unknown
Japanese, fruit / vegetable carved erotic diptych, carved ivory, polychrome additions, largest: 3 3/4"w x 1 1/8"d x 1 1/8"h.
Title: Vide Poche
Artist: Unknown
Title: Wax Intaglios
Artist: Unknown
Two Framed Groups of Wax Intaglios, 19th century, each depicting various classical profiles, busts, and figures, with hand-scripted reference number, in later shadow box frame with ribbon mount on top (both detached but included in lot
Title: Wedding Day Pocket Watch
Artist: Fleurier
Painted face depicting erotic scene between bride and groom, Arabic numbers, wound and set by lever, man has erotic animation that is automatic after winding 2" diameter, stamped on works, "fef".
Title: Weeping Buddha
Artist: Unknown
Title: Whaling with Ship Handle Silver Spoon
Artist: Unknown
Title: Whistling Penis Netsuke
Artist: Unknown
Whistling Penis netsuke, carved ivory, polychrome additions, vagina for a mouth
Title: White and Black Off World Creature
Artist: Michael Lau
One of the four figures, each sculpture has a unique color scheme and features a different head underneath the alien head. The figures were co-produced by Prodip.
Title: White Nude Ring
Artist: Unknown
Size: 10.75
Title: Wimshurst Generator
Artist: Unknown
Title: Winged Penis
Artist: Unknown
Title: Woman Bending Over Squirting Cane
Artist: Christopher Walker
Erotic, Squirting cane (bent over woman), silver-plate handle, silver collar, rosewood shaft, nickel ferrule/tip, collar with hallmarks for Christopher Walker, Chester, 1909, 1 7/8"dia x 2 3/8"h; 34 3/4"h overall
Title: Woman Holding Her Dress Doorstop
Artist: Unknown
Title: Wrecked Car Charm
Artist: Unknown
In overall very good condition.