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Title: 15 Cooking Spoons
Artist: African
Collection of fifteen African cooking and eating utensils: seven spoons, four ladles, three spatulas and one churn, showing wear consistent with field use, each on a custom base. Consisting of three Ethiopian cow horn spoons (Reference: "Aethiopia, Objets d"Ethiopie", Musee Royal de l"Afrique Centrale, Turvuren, Belgium). Two Tuareg (Mali) long handled wooden milk ladles; two Tuareg (Mali) metal alloy spoons having traditional carved handles; one Tuareg (Mali) short wooden spoon having a traditional carved handle; one Zulu (South Africa) long-handled spoon having dark patina with raised abstract design on handle (Reference: Homberger, L (Ed.), "Spoons in African Art", Museum Rietberg, Zurich, 1991); one Nigerian pyro-engraved calabash ladle; one West African metal ladle having fluted edge and loop handle; one Maasai (South Africa) wood butter churn with dark patina (Reference: Sieber, R., "African Furniture and Household Objects", Indiana University Press, 1980, p. 68); one Makonde (Tanzania) 34" wood spatula
Title: Alien Mask
Artist: Unknown
Title: Alligator Skin Silver Handled Cane
Artist: Unknown
Title: Alpine Hunter and Woman Wristwatch
Artist: Unknown
Arabic numerals, wound and set by lever at side activated the erotic animation that is automatic and continuous after winding.
Title: Amphora Vase
Artist: Stellmacher
Title: Angel Visiting Sleeping Man Ball Clock
Artist: Doxa
The Doxa example is over wound but runs, automation works. Light surface scratching a minor dents throughout consistent with use. Item 340: erotic ball clock Arabic numbers, wound and set by lever at top, painted face, angel visiting man in bed, man has erotic animation that is automatic and continuous after winding, face signed, "Aut..."(?), viewable works, front and back open at notches, works engraved, "Doxa" provenance: Father Time Antiques, Chicago, IL, 2000
Title: Antlers Ankershagen
Artist: Unknown
Title: Arrow Leaf Trees Vase
Artist: Paul Dachsel
Vase, 20.5 inches high, circa 1908. Paul Dachsel Mark, Mint. Illustrated in Monsters and Maidens Collectors Edition,Byron Vreeland, page 408.
Title: Art Nouveau Pewter Figural Centerpiece
Artist: Max Blondat
The Siot Deauville foundry in Paris collected, published and exhibited a notable selection of works, many in the burgeoning Art Nouveau style, across the late 19th and early 20th century — including this fine pewter centerpiece from Max Blondat. The central nymph-like female form tapers into carefully sculpted waves and a surrounding trio of male nudes, balancing adherence to the natural with a mythic narrative. Le Tourbillon with a Siot Decauville Paris foundry mark, numbered H137.
Title: Asian Couple Cane
Artist: Unknown
Erotic, Asian Couple cane, carved bone handle, brass collar, mahogany shaft, brass ferrule, rubber tip, handle: 4"w x 1 1/8"d x 3 5/8"h; overall: 36 1/4"h In overall good condition. Embracing couple with tight age splits throughout. Shaft with light to heavy surface scratching. Collar engraved JB 1915.
Title: Asian Pendant
Artist: Unknown
Title: Asian Pendant
Artist: Unknown
Title: Bell Car Charm
Artist: Unknown
In overall very good condition.
Title: Black and White Off World Creature
Artist: Michael Lau
One of the four figures, each sculpture has a unique color scheme and features a different head underneath the alien head. The figures were co-produced by Prodip.
Title: Black Basalt Sphinx Candlestick
Artist: Wedgwood
Pair of Wedgwood Black Basalt Sphinx-form Candlesticks, England, early 19th century, each with a scalloped-edge candle nozzle mounted atop the back of the seated figure set on a rectangular base, impressed mark Early 19th century sphinx-form candlestick pair, completed in the signature Wedgwood black basalt. Each of the seated figures sits atop a plain rectangular base, the scalloped candlestick chamber resting just behind the head and between the wings to create a balanced and tapered silhouette. This is one of many examples of Wedgwood’s indulgence in recreating classical or historical examples of ceramic and sculpture, and through the periods of the 18th and 19th century the reoccurring sphinx could interchangeably be Greek or Egyptian in origin — or even both, as often the differing cultures were indistinguishable by scholars & collectors of the time.
Title: Bling
Artist: David Spasic
Title: Boar Amulet
Artist: Unknown
Title: Body Mask
Artist: Unknown
African - Tanzania
Title: Box
Artist: Gorst Du Plessis
Title: Box
Artist: Phil Weber