Painting and Drawing

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Title: Deftones
Artist: Jermaine Rogers
Title: De-Ja Voo-Doo III
Artist: Jose Luis Sanchez Rull
Title: Diana Sleeping
Artist: Michael Bergt
Title: Dick Dale - 1996
Artist: Frank Kozik
Title: Dick Dale at Toad's Place
Artist: Scott Benge
Dick Dale at Toads Place New Haven May 31, 2001
Title: Die Zofen
Artist: Franciszek Starowieyski
Title: Diffraction Polychrome
Artist: Jean Pierre Yvaral
Title: Dip Vase and Cover
Artist: Adams-Wedgwood
Applied white relief, foliate borders to architecturally framed classical figures depicting the four seasons.
Title: Dodog
Artist: Tomiyuki Sakuta
Human and plant biological motifs are often equidistant in Sakura’s visual profiles, the artist meditating on his subjects for long periods both before and during the process of creation, each print made through delicate and intricately laced lines etched methodically into the printing plate. As such, “Dodog” is an image fortified with the existential weight of such a meditative process, and finds a profound beauty loaded with a creeping sense of tension from his subject matter; one of a series of works based on individuals the artist has met or is close to. The mouth of this figure stretches and combines in layers to suggest the petals of a fleshy flower, the curl of the lips particularly reminiscent of carnivorous pitcher plantlife, or the exotic shape of an orchid.
Title: Donut Hole
Artist: Chris Shaw
Title: Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein
Artist: Frank Kelly Freas
Astounding Science Fiction magazine interior illustration
Title: Downtown No. 19
Artist: Gottfried Helnwein
Title: Drawing of Architectural Roof Model
Artist: French
Title: Drawing of Haystack Vesica
Artist: William Daley
Original drawing of William Daley's Haystack Vesica.
Title: Eater of Dust
Artist: Aaron Horkey
Title: El Atomo Para la Paz
Artist: Eric Nitsche
A Swiss-born artist, Erik Nitsche bucked the popular Art Deco design trend of the 1920’s in favor of the more orderly, rational Bauhaus style. He moved to America in the early 1930’s to avoid the impending war in Europe. The Bauhaus style attracted attention in New York, and after a stint with fashion and decorative magazine spreads, he moved on to become the art director of Air Technology and Air News magazines. This technical topic suited him, and he worked with a large number of clients. Ever restless, Nitsche moved on again to work with General Dynamics Corporation. GDC was founded in 1899 and is an multinational aerospace and defense corporation. At the time of Nitsche’s work with them, they were working on developing submarine technology. General Dynamics hired Nitsche as art director in 1955 with the hopes that he could use his design skills to convey the message that atomic energy and the company were purveyors of peace instead of destruction. Nitsche was given total freedom to rebrand the company. Between 1955-1960 Nitsche built a total corporate identity for GDC. Poetic interpretations of atomic energy and their products were printed onto posters, postcards, brochures and even a 420-page book that detailed the history of the company. This particular piece is from the General Dynamic “Atoms for Peace” series printed in 1956.
Title: El Testerazo del Diablo
Artist: Jose Posada
Title: Empty Template
Artist: Nicholas Grenier
Title: En El Fondo De La Noche
Artist: Manuel Mendive
At the bottom of the Night
Title: Engulfed
Artist: Henrik Uldalen
Figurative painter Uldalen explores a dark, shrouded atmosphere with ‘Engulfed’, revelling in a zone between desire and resistance that finds beauty in a dreamlike state clouded by shadow. Uldalen focuses on expression and coded reference over realistic depiction — though the results often fall within that category as the artist meditates on classic renaissance figural work. Such heavy use of black recalls the dramatically lit figural reliefs of Caravaggio blurred in motion, the movement suggested in the painting a static capture of violence or exposure as a form recoils or opens itself, whilst a hand reaches out or balls itself into a fist.