Painting and Drawing

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Title: Brick Curtain
Artist: Koak
Title: Bridge Repairs
Artist: Louis Lozowick
Lozowick is renowned for his Precisionist style with his lithographs, influenced in part from his travels through Berlin and Moscow and associations with styles such as Russian Constructivism, Bauhaus, Futurism and De Stijl, and contact with artists such as El Lissitsky. The sharp, geometrically inclined murals focus heavily on the repeating forms and patterns of mechanised industry and the urban environment, but convey humanist principles and an ultimately optimistic view of industrial progression and the human condition within 1930s New York.
Title: Building Still
Artist: Sun Xun
Title: But Who Knows Why a Man...
Artist: Allison Sommers
Title: Butthole Surfers
Artist: Frank Kozik
Title: California Wetlands
Artist: Koak
Title: Candlestick Still
Artist: Sun Xun
Title: Car Still
Artist: Sun Xun
Title: Cardinal
Artist: Sergio Garval
Title: Carnival by the Seashore II
Artist: Manuel Ayaso
Title: Carnivorous lady with Chrysanthemum
Artist: Chan Kok Hooi
Title: Carole
Artist: Tomiyuki Sakuta
Sakura’s figures, usually displayed under a series of female names, blend personalities with the style and shape of a natural form — the combination returning a surreal and shrouded portrait with allegories to folk or fantasy. The intaglio-printed tree form of ‘Carole’ is one of Sakura’s more whimsical creations, the bulging eyes and dashing feet looping into a lineage of character storytelling from Japanese anime to the fables that inspired them, the artist playfully exercising a sense of motion that allows a particularly compelling visual description — the branches whipping backwards and feet blurring in their hurry.
Title: Castellis Improvement
Artist: Ben Johnson
Oil on canvas
Title: Cave Scape No. 3
Artist: Trenton Doyle Hancock
Through pop-amalgams of comic strip, op art and referrals back to the density and detail in composition of artists such as Dürer or Bruegel the Elder, Hancock forms complex, sprawling drawings such as “Cave Scape 3” that offer a commentary on morality, good versus evil, and the breaking points between imagination and reality. Here, the reoccurring ‘Mounds’ (a creature both animal and plant that features across many of Hancock’s works) have been sunken into a landscape that modulates and oozes as mud or viscous liquid, the land scattered with objects that equally evoke a playground or rubbish heap.
Title: Certainty
Artist: Jane Xylor
Title: Chameleon
Artist: Dayron Gonzalez
Title: Champ
Artist: Reza Kassai
Title: Cheetah
Artist: Michael Biddle
Son of famed social realist painter George Biddle, the 1966 “Cheetah” etching belongs to an early path in the artist’s career, taking on and shifting the thematic resonance's prevalent in his father’s work to a new generation, and looking to compare such an attitude with the social and cultural upheavals of the 1960s. The representation of a shifting human mass seems particularly Boschian in its recounting, simultaneously demonizing and relishing the chaotic and debaucheries collective space, which reveals itself slowly as a rock concert caught in spotlight.
Title: Chic Proof
Artist: Bob Rose
Title: Chicken
Artist: Rodriguez