Chris Gustin

Gustin Ceramics, LLC, a Massachusetts-based Ceramic tile Company, has been a lifetime in the making for owner Chris Gustin. Immersed in the beauty and function of ceramic tile manufacture from a very young age, Chris has held a lifelong love of the art of ceramic tile design and production. Chris Gustin is more than just a ceramic tile manufacturer; he is a true artisan who has had the privilege of marrying his art with his means of living. The son of a ceramic tile manufacturer, Chris was essentially born into the business, and although he's tried his hand at other interests, none proved as compelling as the ceramic tile design and manufacturing trade. Chris's many experiences in ceramic tile manufacture have given him a vast wealth of knowledge of both the technical and artistic side of ceramic tile production. He has worked in the field in nearly every imaginable capacity, including everything from production foreman to Professor of Ceramics at the laudable University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Campus. His diverse and comprehensive knowledge of ceramic tile manufacture has given Chris's business, Gustin Ceramics, LLC, a firm foundation for quality, artistic ability, and personal service.
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Title: Abstract Vase in Verdigris
Artist: Chris Gustin
Large abstract vase in verdigris glaze, 1986; Signed and dated
Title: Footed Ceramic Jar
Artist: Chris Gustin
Large covered, footed ceramic jar covered in mottled gray glaze with white interior.
Title: Purple and Gray Teapot
Artist: Chris Gustin
Gustin works in wild fusions of sculptural and functional aesthetic, allowing clay to perform remarkable and sometimes gravity-defying duties. ‘Purple & Grey Teapot’ transmits biomorphic influence, its elliptical, fatty portions expressive of flesh in architecture and colour. the principles of the teapot are exposed & reinterpreted so as to search out for new definition, and to test Gustin’s aptitude in a practice that he has been developing from a young age in his father’s ceramic tile company.
Title: Untitled
Artist: Chris Gustin
Glazed thrown and altered stoneware, ht. 21, wd. 11 in.; acquired directly from the artist.