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Title: Belgium Enamel Glazed Vase
Artist: Boch Freres Keramis
Title: Belgium Enamel Glazed Vase
Artist: Boch Freres Keramis
Title: Best Salt Surface
Artist: Laszlo Fekete
Porcelain with decals
Title: Between Ceramics and Stone
Artist: Bai Ming
Title: Beverage Vessel with Squiggle Tread & Zig Zag Straw
Artist: Joey Watson
Title: Beverage Vessel with Squiggle Tread & Zig Zag Straw
Artist: Joey Watson
Title: Big Dude George
Artist: Linda Lighton
Title: Big Soup Tureen
Artist: Laszlo Fekete
Ceramic and Mixed Media Provenance: Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Title: Billary
Artist: Russell Biles
Satiral, gaudy; the work of Russell Biles has as much in common with a cheap souvenir as a sculptural artefact — levelling culture to take even swipes at celebrity, religion and politics. ‘Billary' riffs on the inseparable identity of the clintons, the slip cast figure literally joining the two as a totemic icon (traditionally emblematic of a specific tribe) hilst simultaneously suggesting that one is forever wearing the other as a token of identification.
Title: Binetsu
Artist: Doi Yosuke
The running, vaporous form ‘Binetsu’ surmounts the limits of clay, Yosuke’s technical skill in hand-joining and connecting a series of puffy subdivisions finds a larger, more overarching biomorphic presence that gently rises and curls. The soft texture and simple white unglazed finish allow a calmness and rich interplay of shadow and definition upon the surface, and small organic apertures are encouraged or punctured through the shape to develop the sense of interaction in positive and negative space at different angles.
Title: Biomorphic Forms
Artist: Unknown
Title: Bird Crackleware Vase
Artist: Boch Freres Keramis
Title: Bird in the Man Tree Man
Artist: Jack Earl
Earl’s hand-built ceramics concentrate on descriptive scenario, utilising landscape or building as an environment for laying out a storyline. Often focused on a recurring character named “Bill” and a likeness of rural Americana, Earl juxtaposes scenes with the romance and highly wrought fantasy of rococo porcelain, balancing folkiness with a sensual grandeur in a manner that often seems faintly surreal. The three-dimensional complexity of this work is typical
Title: Bisque Bust of Elegant Woman
Artist: Unknown
Bisque Bust of an Elegant Woman, France, 19th century, modeled wearing a flower-adorned hat, mounted atop a waisted circular socle with square plinth
Title: Bisque Fired Swimmer
Artist: Waylande Gregory
Title: Bisque Guitar Novelty
Artist: George Ohr
Bisque partial guitar novelty.
Title: Bisque Vase
Artist: George Ohr
Large sculptural bisque vase with ruffled rim.
Title: Bites Will Not Trust Like Tough Love
Artist: Kukuli Velarde
Peruvian Kukuli Velarde makes work indebted to folk tradition and traditional ornamentation, exploring the new politics of identity, estrangements of context and acts of “forgetfulness” that occur as art is displaced from its origin. ‘Bites. Will Not Trust. Like Tough Love’ reveals itself as awakened in its situation, the mythic figure of half-bull, half-man caught uncertain, pulled from privacy, in its beautifully lifelike visage. The artist projects her own image onto the creature with the use of a head cast to reclaim the objects identity, and inherits and absorbs the (racially motivated) belittling title that reflects ongoing derogatory behaviour towards Latin America and its women.
Title: Black Balloon Head
Artist: Ilona Romule
Title: Black Basalt Bust of Locke
Artist: Wedgwood & Bentley
Wedgwood & Bentley Black Basalt Bust of Locke, England, c. 1780, modeled with a stovepipe back and mounted atop a waisted circular socle, impressed title and mark Library bust of the philosopher, leading member of the Enlightenment movement, and “father of liberalism” John Locke — completed by Wedgwood & Bentley in Wedgwood Black Basalt stoneware circa 1780. The bust, mounted atop a waisted circular socle, faces downwards so as to be placed upon a high pedestal.