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Title: Abstract Vase in Verdigris
Artist: Chris Gustin
Large abstract vase in verdigris glaze, 1986; Signed and dated
Title: Adam
Artist: Vipoo Srivilasa
Part of the “Patience Flower” series, ‘Adam’ was created by Srivilasa in response to the 18th century Meissen Schneeballen (or ’Snowball’) style of decoration, which finds vessels covered in hundreds of hand-applied flower blossoms. Impressed with the skill and composure conveyed in the result of those works, the artist sought similar sonority in playful, contemporary ceramic — drawing & molding a friendly assortment of bear-like creatures, then working in accompaniment with a team of professional ceramic flower makers based in Jingdezhen, China, where Vipoo was then practicing as a resident artist.
Title: Afia Rouge - The Color of Desire
Artist: Anne Drew Potter
Title: Africa Child with Albinism No. 3
Artist: Tip Toland
From a series of figurative sculptural works dedicated to understanding and sharing information on the plight of Albinism sufferers in Eastern parts of Africa, where the rate of prevalence is significantly increased and those affected can be treated to appalling acts of segregation and mutilation — with a belief that body parts of the individual can cast magical powers when developed into potions by local shamans. Toland’s sculpture finds a remarkable intimacy in her studies, the increase in scale and framing of expression broadcasting a due sense of paranoia and tension. African Child with Albinism 3 Part of series documenting the albinos plight in Africa
Title: After Midnight
Artist: Roxanne Jackson
Title: Age
Artist: Jason Briggs
Briggs’ ceramics are formulated uniquely to appeal to our senses of attraction and revulsion. Textural hyper-realism is combined with surreal or nightmarish combinations of form, the biomorphic forms accessing subconscious recesses to discuss notions of sexuality, curiosity and psychology. ‘Ages’ is a particularly complex form, a tight knot of fabric, flesh and unquantifiable matter (all ceramic) that appeals to our sensation to touch — and the horror of what might be discovered.
Title: Alex's Suitcase
Artist: Marilyn Levine
Title: All You Can Eat
Artist: Russell Biles
‘All You Can Eat’ seems at first to simply to characterise the familiar corporate clown of McDonalds, the hand on heart gesture a token of sentimentality for such cherished customers. Biles’ political ceramics are rarely so sympathetic though, and the inscription “McHeartAttack” carved and hidden at the base of the figure might reveal the real reason that Ronald’s eyes bulge.
Title: American Auto
Artist: Paul Day
Title: Amoraph
Artist: Virtox
Title: Amp
Artist: Cara Jung
Title: Amphora Ceramic Vase with Lizard
Artist: Edward Stellmacher
Tall Amphora ceramic vase with lizard and mushrooms, Austria, ca. 1905; Marked EST 11 on bottom, signed Edward Stellmacher to body
Title: Andy
Artist: Russel Biles
Title: Anfora Esperma
Artist: Juan B Gutierrez
Title: Anger - from the Seven Deadly Sins
Artist: Russell Biles
Title: Angle Vase
Artist: Ken Price
Title: Animals
Artist: Mary Ueda
Title: Anime
Artist: Takashi Hinoda
Artist Takashi Hinoda uses his ceramics to convey a hybrid of japanese manga, anime and comic-like intensity and stop-motion in wrenched, corrupted form.  ‘Anime’s odd shape could be animal or mineral, irregular protuberances and curves aping landscape and body contours equally. The freckled texture of the ceramic and cartoon skin tone is mutable, Hinoda increasingly drawn to the tonality as a representation of organic form after violent gas attacks in the subways of Japan in 1995 brought human fallibility into a national consciousness. An array of spheres covering the surface are painted to embody characters — the playful range of emotions picked out by careful two-dimensional embellishment that seeks to vacillate between surface and sculpture.
Title: Anonymous Relationship
Artist: Keofar Kesornsook
Title: Anthropomorphic Jughead
Artist: Michael Lucero