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Black Basalt Sphinx Candlestick

Pair of Wedgwood Black Basalt Sphinx-form Candlesticks, England, early 19th century, each with a scalloped-edge candle nozzle mounted atop the back of the seated figure set on a rectangular base, impressed mark Early 19th century sphinx-form candlestick pair, completed in the signature Wedgwood black basalt. Each of the seated figures sits atop a plain rectangular base, the scalloped candlestick chamber resting just behind the head and between the wings to create a balanced and tapered silhouette. This is one of many examples of Wedgwood’s indulgence in recreating classical or historical examples of ceramic and sculpture, and through the periods of the 18th and 19th century the reoccurring sphinx could interchangeably be Greek or Egyptian in origin — or even both, as often the differing cultures were indistinguishable by scholars & collectors of the time.
Artist: Wedgwood

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